Lenzie Primary School



One of two schools procured through Hub West Scotland for the participant East Dunbartonshire Council.  The new two storey school will be built on the site of the existing football pitch. Following completion of the new school, the existing school will be demolished to make space for a new 3G playing field.


Civil and structural design including underground drainage and football pitch.  The structural form comprises a structural steel frame with the first floor being constructed using insitu concrete on metal decking.  The substructure comprises reinforced concrete pad foundations bearing on the natural soils.


Due to two Primary Schools merging into one, space on site for the larger building was limited.  This caused a particular constraint to the new drainage that had to take cognisance of maintaining the existing school drainage and an existing culvert that ran through the site.


A single high quality facility replacing two old school buildings thus reducing the maintenance burden for the Council.

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