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Coherent, which is based at the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow, is an innovative company specialising in the development and production of solid state lasers. The facility includes cleanrooms, plant zones and manufacturing on the ground floor with office accommodation on the mezzanine level.


Civil and structural design. The structural form comprised a steel framed dual mono-pitched roof supported on conventional reinforced concrete pad foundations founded on a structural fill platform. The mezzanine construction was of insitu concrete on metal decking on a steel beam grillage.


The ground conditions required innovative earthworks design. Poor material was treated to improve compaction characteristics and therefore no material was taken offsite


The new facility was designed to meet the users requirements exactly. To provide future flexibility, the east elevation support steelwork was designed as a standard portal frame to allow the facility to be easily extended without major disruption. The savings achieved through the “site contained” earthworks were passed on to the client

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